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Mr. Binh Thai

Mr. Thai is a humanities teacher at UNMS. As the son of immigrant parents, life was tough. As he grew older, he appreciated more and more the promise of an education, not only as a means of fulfilling the spirit, but as a tool to enable people like him, people from disadvantaged backgrounds, the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty. He always wanted to work in public service and thought that teaching would be the best way for him to give back.

He earned his Bachelor's Degree and Master of Public Administration from the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Mr. Thai earned his Master of Science in Education at the City University of New York, City College. He earned my Education Administrative license from Baruch College.

Mr. Thai travels. A lot. He has visited over 30 countries and nearly every U.S. state. He has climbed volcanoes; explored ancient ruins; whitewater rafted raging rivers; fished a frozen lake in the Arctic; and along the way, made lifelong friends. He speaks four languages English, Spanish, and Vietnamese and am slowly learning to appreciate the intricacies of Finnish.

Mr. Thai has been a member of the UNMS community since 2005.

He can be reached at