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Mr. Charles Testagrossa

 Mr. T. graduated from SUNY Stony Brook and has been teaching since 2001. He loves snowboarding and being outdoors. Mr. T loves watching children learn and grow and says that being witness to their improved skills in reading, writing, and speaking is profoundly satisfying. There is no greater feeling than creating an opportunity for a student's epiphany.

Mr. T believes that public education is the cornerstone of democracy. He says that it is our responsibility as a society to provide every student with the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed and participate in our public life. Mr. T says that at UNMS, it is our responsibility to provide every student with the preparation to be successful in higher education or the workforce. Every student has the ability to learn and achieve academically, and it is his responsibility to create opportunities for learning and push his students to perform to their fullest potential.

Mr. Testagrossa has been a member of the UNMS community since 2009.

He can be reached at