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Moskowitz, Melissa

Ms. Moskowitz has strong generational ties to NYC. She was born in Brooklyn NY and her dad was born right in the heart of the Lower East Side. She was raised in the suburbs of NYC, but always felt she was missing out on the diversity and beautiful cultures and cultural experiences that NYC has to offer so she and her husband decided to raise there two children in NYC and believe in the value and equity of what Public Schools should and could be for all young people.

Ms Moskowitz always knew deep down that she would go into teaching and has been working for the Department of Education for 18 years. Even though this is her first year as Assistant Principal at UNMS, it already feels like home. As many of teachers believe at UNMS, Ms. Moskowitz believes that education is a matter of social justice and that when schools work to include all the students and think about them as individuals, not labels, that the school community thrives and students and teachers benefit from collaboration and this as a core value..

One of Ms. Moskowitz's favorite books is "The Posionwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver. She attended the University at Albany of her Bachelors Degree. NYU for a Masters in English Educationed. and a Masters in Educational leadership for ed change at Bank Street College.

Favorite quote: "Speak the Truth Even if you Voice Shakes"

Ms. Moskowitz has been a member of the UNMS community since 2016.

She can be reached at