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Mr. Michael Locker

Mr. Locker was born over a hundred years ago in a tiny fort in Brooklyn, New York. After just one year his family relocated to the then forested suburbs of Staten Island and finally to the true suburbs of central New Jersey when he was ten. Mr. Locker was a good student, a great student in fact, and his favorite subjects were history and math. He attended college at Brandeis University, which is outside of Boston, Massachusetts where he majored in English and American Literature. Mr. Locker says that college is fun and everyone should try it.

Even though Mr. L. kinda always knew he wanted to be a teacher he avoided it at first and worked as an editor on social studies textbooks for a couple of years. But desks were not his thing. When he moved back to New York he decided to go to NYU to get a master’s in teaching and since then he's never looked back.

Mr. Locker has been a member of the UNMS community since 2004.

He can be reached at