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Ms. Rachel Grater

Ms. Grater holds an MA in Science Education from New York University's Steinhardt School of Education, an MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois; Urbana-Champaign, and a BA in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Sonoma State University. Ms. Grater has been an educator in the arts and sciences for over 14 years, as a Teaching Associate at the University of Illinois and as a teacher for the NYCDOE. Ms. Grater is not only an educator but also a performing artist. She has performed throughout the United States, as well as, internationally in Israel, Spain, and Argentina. 

Ms. Grater has created and developed the curriculum for Project Arts at UNMS. Her core instructional belief, that students learn best when motivated by an engaging curriculum is illustrated in the work her students create. In Project Arts at UNMS, students are immersed in an interdisciplinary curriculum which weaves the investigation of humanities (historical and current), mathematics, and the physical sciences with the visual and performing arts.

Ms. Grater has been a member of the UNMS community since 2006. 

Ms. Grater can be reached at