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Ms. Lauren Moreno

Ms. Moreno has been a classroom teacher for the Department of Education since 2005. She has a master’s degree in Science Education from New York University. She looks forward to what each school year brings and is determined to provide an enjoyable Science experience for her students. Ms. Errico wants students to look at the world around them and say, “I know this and this is why it happens.”

When Ms. Moreno is not teaching she enjoys a good workout at the gym or a relaxing day at the beach with her family and friends. Growing up her favorite subject in school was Math and Science was a close second. Some other interesting facts about her: She is left-handed, believes that nothing is impossible (it just needs more attention) and she was a baton twirler when she was in middle school.

Ms. Moreno has been a member of the UNMS community since 2012.
She can be reached at