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Ms. Cindy Bloom

Ms. Bloom believes that all students have the ability to learn. During the middle school years students are at a critical age for developing good work and study habits. She became a teacher because she thinks educating young adults is a truly rewarding profession. It's those "ah-ha" moments that the kids have every day that constantly remind you why you chose to be an educator. She provides the students with a respectful learning environment that is hands-on and fun. She keeps students interested in the content by associating the skills they learn with real-life applications. She makes sure to commend students for their achievements and strives to show children what they can accomplish if they work hard for what they want.

Ms. Bloom received her teaching certificate in Secondary Mathematics from Queens College in Flushing, NY. She also has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Buffalo State University.  She does volunteer work with the museum of mathematics at local math midway events in NYC.

Ms. Bloom has been a member of the UNMS community since 2011.

She can be reached