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Mr. Phil Andrews

I believe that all students have the ability to learn, when given the proper resources. Since all students have different needs and ability levels, a class must be highly differentiated in order to ensure that all students are able to progress. I was an undergraduate at NYU where I received a Bachelor's degree in Music. I went to City College for a Master's degree in Special Education. While studying at NYU, I worked part-time as a tutor in several public schools. While doing that, I experienced what it is like to help at-risk students succeed, and also observed the acute lack of resources in these schools, especially lack of human resources, and particularly in mathematics. I became a teacher to help students.

I have been playing the piano for 20 years. I'm a big sports fan, especially basketball. I grew up in Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Andrews has been a member of the UNMS community since 2005.

He can be reached at