Meet Our Staff

Our staff at UNMS is dedicated to the mission, the vision, and most importantly, the students of our school. They are committed to continually improving their own professional practice. Meet our staff!

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Atkinson, Kellen - Special Education

Cannetti, John - Physical Education

Cimaglia, Joseph - Science

Collazo-Baker, Alexandra - English as a New Language

Colón, Christina - Español

Cook, Wanda - SAPIS Counselor

Diaz, Michele - School Aide

Foley, Mia - Paraprofessional

García, Ernesto - Parent Coordinator

Gomez, Christopher - ICT

Goris, Australia - School Aide

Grabowska, Urzula - ICT

Green, Aaron - School Counselor

Hydell, Katie - ICT

Locker, Michael - Humanities

Lovejoy, Cayden - Humanities

Malubay, Donnell - Mathematics

Marcellus, Gustaveson - Music Arts

Mediavilla, Westley - Paraprofessional

Miller, John - ICT

Moskowitz, Melissa - Assistant Principal

Noa, Marilyn - Paraprofessional

Ptah, Kamau - Counselor

Peace, Heidi - Special Education

Pierce, Kristen - Humanities

Peynado-Castro, Laura - Principal

Rodriguez, Fatima - Pupil Acct, Payroll Secretary

Rowe-Small, Nichole - School Counselor

Testagrossa, Charles - Humanities

Thai, Binh - Humanities

Turner, Dana - Paraprofessional

Valentin, Arlene - Paraprofessional

Zambrana, Shirley - School Aide