Homework Policy

At UNMS, we believe that effective teaching strategies are supported by a strong body of educational research, as described above. The overwhelming scientific evidence does not support the idea that homework should be required of students on a nightly basis, particularly assignments that students may or may not be able to do independently. Instead, homework is used to support and/or extend skills students have proven they can do in school, thereby allowing for practice; independence; and ultimately, mastery.

At the same time, we understand parents’ concerns that homework is a function of academic discipline, a learning “habit.”

To that end, students at UNMS are expected to read 30-60 minutes (dependent on grade and/or reading level) of high-quality, engaging texts on a nightly basis. Therefore, since homework is an extension of standards being measured in school, it falls under the “Life skills” category of our grading policy and will constitute no more than a fraction of a student’s grade.

••Please visit the following link to view current research on the effectiveness of homework.••